Obama Loses Public Trust

A recent snapshot of the American electorate reveals that President Obama is losing the trust of the American people. This is not totally surprising given the fact that the administration has been rocked by numerous scandals in the past several months.

The facts surrounding the terror attack in Benghazi is unclear at best. The targeting of conservative groups by the IRS and possibly the EPA is a clear violation of law and the principles of a democratic government. The abuse of power by the Justice Department in targeting journalists was chilling. We then learned that the NSA is collecting metadata on virtually every citizen in this country in the name of national security. Finally, when the people cannot believe it is possible to get worse, there are allegations of a widespread coverup of sexual misconduct in the State Department.

There are two main problems as I see it. First, is the utter incompetence of this administration and the lack of any ability to greet the truth. In Benghazi Secretary Clinton claimed to be unaware that there were requests made to bolster security. This is something she should have known. The lack of truthfulness from high ranking IRS officials was embarrassing, while Louis Lerner skated off into paid leave by refusing to offer testimony. Eric Holder is virtually void of the truth as it pertains to Fast and Furious and the AP/Fox stories. Finally, DI Clapper clearly misled Congress in his testimony before the committee. Yet, nobody is punished, fired, or reprimanded.

This leads me into the second problem and that is the absence of leadership from Mr. Obama. Washington D.C. is a circus right now and the federal government is out of control. This continued plausible deniability can only work so long and I think the polls are showing that it has reached its finality. Is it really possible that nobody in the government informed anyone at the White House about any of this? If so, why do these people still have employment? The president needs to come out strong and loud and demand that documents be turned over; truthful statements are provided; and investigations are completed. Instead, he is hiding and giving tepid responses. The American people may not pay attention to the minutia of American politics, but after repeated lies they will begin to feel like they are being viewed as suckers by this administration.


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