Alabama Democrat engages in racist email exchange with citizen on gun control

Alabama State Rep. Joe Mitchell, D-Mobile[/caption], raised more than a few eyebrows when he responded to a citizen’s email about gun control with a hateful, racial response, The Blaze reported Wednesday.

In late January, Eddie Maxwell of Bessemer, Ala., sent a mass email to legislators telling them that in his view, proposing gun control legislation was a violation of state law.

Just a little over an hour later, Mitchell responded.

“Your folk never used all this sh**t (sic) to protect my folk from your slave-holding, murdering, adulterous, baby-raping, incestuous, snaggle-toothed, backward-a**ed, inbreed (sic), imported criminal-minded kin folk,” he wrote. “You can keep sending me stuff like you have however because it helps me explain to my constituents why they should protect that 2nd amendment thing AFTER we [blacks] finish stocking up on spare parts, munitions and the like.”

“Bring it,” he added. “As one of my friends in the Alabama Senate suggested – ‘BRING IT!!!!’”

At first, Maxwell thought someone intercepted his email and wrote the response pretending to be Mitchell, but Fox10 reported that Mitchell publicly admitted to sending the message.

“That’s not the type of reply I expect to receive from a state legislator,” Maxwell, a white man, replied. “I’m not a racist and I find your reply to be especially offensive considering the position you hold.”

According to Fox, one five paragraph email Mitchell sent was signed “lock and load. Jmitchell.”

“We reached out to the Democratic Chairman in Mobile and the state leader and neither would comment,” Fox10 added.

Maxwell heard back from other lawmakers who did not approve of Mitchell’s comments.

“I just received this chain of emails and wanted to let you know that I am with you on the gun issue and am saddened by the tone of my colleagues email,” wrote Patricia Todd, a member of the Alabama House. “All of us have suffered from the racism of the past and I thank you for your civic and thoughtful response.”

“This member hears you loud and clear,” she added.

Maxwell said he was “surprised at the racial tones” in Mitchell’s responses, said.

Mitchell, a legislator since 1994, did not respond to requests for comments, and Maxwell said he hopes lawmakers will discipline him for his words and actions.

“It just makes me more determined that we the people need to stay involved,” he told in a telephone interview. “It’s up to us as citizens to watch our government.”

Alabama State Rep. Joe Mitchell, D-Mobile

Alabama State Rep. Joe Mitchell, D-Mobile

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